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*     Thankful     *

I know I have mentioned this to many of you 
in the past but, here I go again.  As you all 
know.  We are coming up on Thanksgiving.  That 
famed holiday where an entire day is spent on
preparation of a meal that is devoured within about
30 to 45 minutes.  (So I have heard.)
But, enough about the food.  
What makes YOU thankful?
I am still riding the wave of grateful appreciation
over simply being alive.  Once in a while, I will hear
someone gripe about thier life.  I tend to ask them
if they are still breathing.  (That generally brings
forth the "Confused Canine" facial expression.)
After which they answer; "yes".  To which I respond,
then you DO have something in life for which to 
give thanks!  As for myself as I was mentioning,
having survived three major surgeries within an 
eleven month period, I am quite thankful to be here.
Sadly during that ongoing adventure, I have lost two
of my siblings.  That part sucks!  Despite that,
I can still hear them hear in my mind's ear urging me on 
to continue in my educational endeavors.  
I think that as long as we work towards maintaining
some sort of attitude of gratitude, it will go a long
ways towards helping us stave off the blues that are many
times associated with the hoiday seasons.

Now, for those of you who might be die hard pessimists,
let me give you a short list to examine.
1-Are you breathing of your own?  Yes, be thankful!
2-Do you have clothes on your back?  Yes, be thankful!
3-Do you have a roof over your head?  Yes, be thankful!
4-Do you have some sort of income?  (Not asking 
about it being legal mind you.)  Yes, be thankful!
5-Do you have any family with whom you get along?
Yes, be thankful!
6-Do you have any friends with whom you get along?
Yes, be thankful!
7-Are you under the impression that God, The Great Spirit,
The Maker, The Cosmos at large loves and supports you?
Yes, be thankful!
8-Can you say that you sleep well? Yes, be thankful!
9-Do you have food to eat?  Yes, be thankful!
Now I get that some folks cannot answer yes to any 
of these questions.  That leaves you with a rather tough 
situation.  However, that situation is not  untenable.
I feel that surely, some how, some way, there must be 
something for which you can give thanks.
What is the big deal about being thankful?
To my knowledge, when we are thankful, it opens up 
the gates of the cosmos to bring you more for which 
to be thankful.
It goes without saying that life is NOT perfect.
ALL of us have had several curve balls thrown at us.
The point is that YOU can choose to be thankful
and find the good in your life despite that or
run down the rabbit hole of being bummed out.
As with all things, the choice is yours!

Thank you all for listening; 
Or should I say reading?


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