Share 2;  25/26 May 2018;  12:49 am pst

*     Gods'love     *

Today's topic WILL be controversial.
We or more accurately. I will talk about
God's love. 

I have found it interesting as of late that 
we talk about love but, I am not seeing as 
much doing about love as I am hearing about
folks talking of love.  Please bear in mind this 
is my opinion and only my opinion.

I hear and see numerous instances of folks
not only not loving but doing some very unkind things.  
I ask myself why?  I have no good answers.

Ask yourself;  What do you see in the world 
that demonstrates any inkling of folks being 
loving to either themselves or others?

Now, to be clear, I do NOT have all the answers.
But, I do have an idea or two.  They are simple.
Take some time to simply be kind to others.
If you see something, say something.

Very few folks on the planet just go about helping others.
Myself included per se'. However, what I have been trying to do is
be the change in the world that I want to see. I am no where near perfect at it. I am however finding that as I put that sort of energy out there,
it comes back to me. This can and will begin to make small changes. And if we as a worldwide people begin to do such things,
we CAN actually make some awesome and large changes on planet Earth! Now onto God's love. Let me spell it out for you. God loves everyone! Period! End of discussion!! Your gender, sex, race, ideology, religion, socio-economic background. Where you live, who you love, how you love. None of that matters. And even if you do not believe in God, at the very least be kind to one another! We as a race simply need to follow that as an example and do the same. the world has the potential to be an awesome place. It is up to YOU! I think that will end my sharing for this go around. I look forward to the next session. I have no idea as to what that will be but, hopefully it will be interesting! Thank you all for listening; Or should I say reading? Namaste' Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist www dot xpr3 dot com Your thoughts? At YOUR option; please click on OR copy/paste this link into your browser.