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*     Potentials and possibilities     *

Howdy folks,
Today, I'd like to speak on the matter of
possibilities and potentials.
I have been following the advice of my adviser Daina.
At the outset of our connecting, she explained to me 
HOW to find subject matter material to speak on.  
Let us just say 
that it has to do with a bit of meditation and simply listening for answers. You will know you are in the wrong place if you start getting suggestions to do dark and dastardly deeds. So let's start by defining what both words mean. Possibility: noun plural noun: possibilities a thing that may happen or be the case. "the theoretical possibility of a chain reaction" synonyms: chance, likelihood, probability, hope; More the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood. "there was no possibility of recompense for him" synonyms: feasibility, practicability, chances, odds, probability "they discussed the possibility of launching a new project" a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives. "one possibility is to allow all firms to participate" synonyms: option, alternative, choice, course of action, solution "buying a smaller house is one possibility" Potential: adjective 1. having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something
in the future.
"a two-pronged campaign to woo potential customers" synonyms: possible, likely, prospective,
future, probable; More noun 1. latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future
success or usefulness. "a young broadcaster with great potential" synonyms: possibilities, potentiality, prospects; More 2. PHYSICS the quantity determining the energy of mass in a gravitational field or
of charge
in an electric field. Now, having read those definitions, what does all that mean to and for you? Well, for starters let's look at how we might have heard those words used. "You know (Place your name here.), you have the potential to be
anything you want." And the ever famous phrase; "Anything is possible." But again, how does
that relate to you or me or anyone in the world. Allow me to give
you a few examples. For one, how many times have you had an idea for something but,
you opted not to follow through? (Probably about as many times as I have.
We've all done this.) Of course the next question is why. There are many reasons but,
I feel that the primary reason is that we have spent much of our lives being talked
out of many of the things that we sought to do. This is many times done by
well meaning people who see us as only having certain potential ability within ourselves
from the outside when they have no clue. And guess who else many times has no clue? Us.
Again, we have been talked out of and convinced that we cannot do or perform certain deeds due to
this or that or the other. And again, why? WE are taught we can only do certain things
IF we have this or that or the other. That we are not smart enough or big enough or
we lack certain traits and maybe in some very horrible cases due to the color of our skin or
where we were born or our gender/sex. It strikes me that with very rare exception are ANY of those limitations true. so, how do you or I or anyone overcome such
confounding and daunting ideologies? I dare say that we look them square in the eye
and tell them exactly where to go. (Now, since some young kid might be reading this,
I will use a slightly more PC phrase. You tell them to go visit the nearest dark subterranean cave
and to stay there never to darken you potential again! (AHEM!) Then YOU, whoever you may be,
what ever it is you want to go do. GO DO IT! (Bearing in mind the limits and understandings of doing things
that are legal.) (AHEM!!) And from there whether you succeed or fail, you can say within
your own soul that you have no regrets because you went out there and did your best. By the way,
there is a flip side to this whole failure deal. You can go out and try it again! When I said go do what
you want to do ONCE and if you succeed great or if you fail you are done. NOO!!!! YOU can do it again
and again until you succeed! YOU can do it again and again until you succeed! (Or at least until you hit the lottery. Which while it
is always a possibility , it is just not as likely.) Now, how about we have a look at this whole possibility concept.
Again, what is possible? And again, ANYTHING is possible.
(Including traveling at light speed. IMHO) If that is the case then why are any of us not going for it?
We have been talked OUT of it. Take a look through history DaVinci, Einstein,
Alexander Graham Bell, Eli Whitney, Mark Dean, Dennis Weatherby, Elijah McCoy to name a few;
if these souls had ignored the ideas they had within them, we would be minus several
major inventions that have changed how we all live our lives. The point of all this is simply this; YOU whoever you are, whatever
you think you can do, whatever dreams you might want to pursue DO IT!
Many of the names listed have all overcome varying levels of discouragement. Very little was
handed to them on a silver spoon. I am not saying your journey will be easy but, YOU and I and all of us
have within us the potential to do both the possible and in some case the impossible!
Why not go for what you truly WANT to do? Thank you all for listening; Or should I say reading? Namaste' Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist www dot xpr3 dot com Your thoughts? At YOUR option; please click on OR copy/paste this link into your browser.