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*     Radionics     *

I recently posted to a certain group 
and I think I may have upset them a bit.
In my defense, I am new to whole idea
of posting on a consistent basis.
But, thanks to my adviser, that is changing.

Now, my deal, my schtick, my thing
is the realm of healing in all ways,
shapes and forms.  I am also very open
to the realm of angels and ETs and
NEBs (Non Earth Beings).  

Today, I want to write a bit about Radionics.
Which as I understand it is a form of healing.
To me it is right up there with prayer, 
Reiki, Chi Gung, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch 
and Quantum Touch among others.   
This time around I promise to be more brief 
and hopefully leave you with food for thought.

a system of alternative medicine based on the 
supposition that detectable electromagnetic 
radiation emitted by living matter can be 
interpreted diagnostically and transmitted 
to treat illness at a distance by complex 
electrical instruments.

Now, some of you know this implicitly
and some of you have no idea of this at all. 
My goals here are to both share and to learn.

Thank you all for listening; 
Or should I say reading?


Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist

www dot xpr3 dot com

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