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*     It's all about the connections.     *

Not sure why but, it has taken me a bit 
to get back on track with this weekly project.
For this endeavor, I wanted to discuss connections.  
This word connections.  What does it mean to you?
Is it only viable within one context or does it 
have multiple meanings to you as a person?
As usual, before we start, let's grab a definition.

a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated
with something else. "the connections between social attitudes and productivity" synonyms: link, relationship, relation, interconnection, interdependence,
association; More 2. NORTH AMERICAN informal a supplier of narcotics. "she introduced Jean to a number of her male drug connections"

As you can see, the word has a few meanings. For the sake of this chat, I will be focusing on the first meaning as written above. I have been trying to maintain a somewhat formulaic approach to these presentations. One can have a connection due to beliefs, ideas, people in common, religion, group affiilations or even likes and dislikes. In the course of my life, I have had connections with many people due to all of the above reasons and more. Some years ago, actor Kevin Bacon began or was positively implicated and/or started in something known as "6 degrees of separation". The gist of it was that one could find roughly 6 people between one's self and Kevin Bacon. Such information along with my ever growing interest in the field of healing had led me to begin to look at the ways in which we are all connected. (7) Given that this is my fifth such endeavor, I thought it would be helpful to at the least set in place some sort of very general citation list. (This is not designed to be an academic paper per se' but, it is intended to provoke some discussion.) One thing I have come to know is that we as beings are not simply physical entities. (1) In fact our energies extend well beyond our skin. Our thoughts do the same and according to a few sources, (2),(5) We may even have the ability to affect physical matter and events around ourselves. But, then at least a few questions are begged; A-What can we do with this information? B-What should we do with this information? C-How might this information affect us? both directly and indirectly? D-Just what can we affect in the world around us? E-What will YOU do with this information? Let's just go right down the list shall we? A-What can we do with this information? Like anything else one hears or reads about, you can choose to do absolutely nothing. Just let it go in one ear and out the other. (Somehow, that would seem like a real waste.) Ask yourself, If YOU had the ability to use just your mind or your thoughts of your energy, to affect some sort of positive change in the world; Why would you not do so? (4) B-What should we do with this information? Even if we had no proof that we can affect any such change, (Which by the way we do. Just smile at someone having a rough day. You would be amazed at what good can come of it. You NEVER know, you might prevent a suicide.) Why not just be a being of positive energy emanation? (3),(5) C-How might this information affect us? If we as beings of increasing levels of consciousness, are beginning to come into our own growing awareness and evolution there of then surely, we are beginning to sense and witness that our very thoughts have the power to do good in the world around us. (3) D-Just what can we affect in the world around us? I call your attention to a point back in time where the members of the Transcendental Meditation group performed a very conscious and deliberate experiment in order to lower the crime rate in Washington, DC. (This has actually been documented.) They did this to make the point that it COULD be done. To my humble knowledge, this is only one such experiment. (6) E-What will YOU do with this information? That my friends is the million dollar question. What will YOU do with this information? What is this all about then? It is about connections. The connections we all share of our hearts, of our minds, of our intentions, and according to some, our very souls. We all have it within ourselves to do something deliberate, and good and positive in our lifetimes. Why not leave such a legacy for those we are currently with as well as those who come after us? (4) It is entirely up to YOU! ------------------------------------ Citations:
*1-What the Bleep do we Know
*2-The Power of 8
*3-The Hidden Messages in Water
*4-Power versus Force
*5-Healing Words
*6-TM Experiment
*7-"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" is a parlor game based on the
"six degrees of separation" concept, which posits that any two
people on Earth are six or fewer acquaintance links apart.
Movie buffs challenge each other to find the shortest path between an
arbitrary actor and prolific actor Kevin Bacon. Google search; "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" Thank you all for listening; Or should I say reading? Namaste' Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist www dot xpr3 dot com Your thoughts? At YOUR option; please click on OR copy/paste this link into your browser.