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*     What do YOU hear when I say...?     *

It is interesting.  We all hear such phrases
or derivations on the same.  "I hear ya.",
"Ya man, I hear ya.".  "Can ya hear me?".  
"Ya feel me?",  "I heard that!" and the like.  
What does that truly mean?  It is like listening
to a verbal short hand for connectivity between
souls having meaningful conversations.

As usual, let's grab a definition as a baseline.

Hear: definition;

perceive with the ear the sound made by 
(someone or something).
"behind her she could hear men's voices"
synonyms: perceive, make out, discern, catch, 
get, apprehend; overhear
"she could hear men's voices"
be told or informed of.
"have you heard the news?"
synonyms: be informed, be told, find out,
discover, learn, gather, glean, ascertain, get word,
get wind 
"they heard that I had moved"
be aware of; know of the existence of.
"nobody had ever heard of my college"

So now we have a baseline as it were.
What do we do with this?
For starters, we begin to see how this phrasing 
tends to color much of our communication and understanding.
We can also travel down the path of perception.
Someone may say to you that "I like that."  
But, is that 
what they really mean?  How can you tell?  
How does anyone know?
Let's examine the tone in which the words were said.
Did they sound happy?  Excited?  Sarcastic? 
What was their tone?
BTW, maybe you might be thinking; 
"What difference does your tone make?" 
Please believe me when I tell you, 
it makes ALL the difference in the world.
In fact, it could be the difference between life and death.

Let's talk about subliminals!
I am mildly in a slight hurry to finish this one.
I will speak on the subject of subliminals in terms 
of things we pick up without realizing we are doing so.
You are speaking to someone and they yawn long, hard.
You would think that would get the attention of both
parties in the conversation.  Sometimes you just miss it.
Or the eyes of your chat partner keep roaming towards
the young lady in the red dress further down the bar.
(Dude, she just might not be that into to you.)
My brief advice, pay attention.

How about we throw in some infrasound?
Here we have a sound that can quite literally kill you.
Teh lousy part of it is that by the time you register
the sound, you are a VERY bad way.

Can we heal with sound?
I will simply say to you; Google that very question
grab several cups of coffee or drink of preference
along with some grub because you will be there for 
a very long time.

What can we do with all this information?
In short, I will say that we can make 
the world a better place.  (Not being glib!)

Thank you all for listening; 
Or should I say reading?


Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist

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