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*          Memories of ghosts past          *

I firmly believe that there are some
events that NO child should ever witness.

Back in the year 1967 possibly 1968, 
I was a first grader at a local grade school.

I had been told several times over the years
that I was witness to something no child
should ever see or witness.

The story goes that I witnessed a nun
pick up one of my classmates and hurl 
him across the room such that his head
hit the wall and cracked his skull.
(That particular nun was taken into custody
from the convent the next morning.)

I do realize this is a very long time ago but,
I have found myself haunted over the years 
because I have no personal recollection 
of the event.  More to the point, I never
found out if my classmate survived the assault.
As late as the years between 2009 and 2015, 
I have found myself trying retrieve the memory 
or figure out a way to look into this matter.

Like I said, there are some
events that NO child should ever witness.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Thank you all for listening; 
Or should I say reading?


Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist

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