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*    Prelude to a Near Death Experience     *

My brain is still struggling to wrap itself around the events
that took place after my dual hip replacement surgery.  
Which btw went just fine!  

My brain is still struggling to wrap itself around the events 
that took place after my dual hip replacement surgery.  
Which btw went just fine!  

It was about a week after the hip surgery, when I had an 
odd episode of illness which turned out to be 
the harbinger of something much more drastic 
that was to take place.  I must say that having 
an event take place in one's life where you come 
very close to dying tends to give one pause.

On a humorous note, I can cross the NDE or near death experience 
off my bucket list.  I half expected something of that nature 
to take place during my hip replacement surgery.  No such luck.
I have always had expectations of encountering "The Light" and 
hearing orchestral arrangements as well as viewing a light show that 
might make the Aurora Borealis a bit jealous.  Nope.  For me the 
experience was much more simple and direct.  I was was met at 
"the gate"  by Mama, Papa, Sheila and Jr. as well as 
Vicki's Aunt Betty and Uncle Larry along with 
a long time friend of ours named Larry that Vicki and I 
met when we first started dating.  

The message was clear, concise and direct.
"It ain't your time baby, we'll see you in about 50 years."
My response was equally brief;  "Cool!"   

And just that fast, I was back.  I do not even feel like 
I left my body.  Just the same I am thankful for the experience 
and the reassurance of the message given to me.

I now have a new personal joke regarding the question 
many of us ask ourselves from time to time.  How do you 
know if your life purpose has been fulfilled?  
The answer is simply this;  Are you still breathing?  
If your answer is yes, you ain't done yet.  On the other hand, 
if your answer turned out to be no,  it is most likely 
you would not be having said conversation.

My want to type up this email/experience had/has been in the works 
for about 3 weeks.  I have just found it hard to regain my focus.  
I am happy to say that both my physical mending and 
my mental acuity are returning to normal.  
(Slowly but, surely.)  I have had multiple hospital personnel 
as well as Vicki reassure me that I have been through 
the wringer and need to be patient with myself.  
(It is still not sinking in.)

At this time, I recall a certain professor with whom 
I had a passing chat telling me that the wind that blows 
me around needs be a divine wind.  (THANK YOU!)

I feel I would like to wrap this up by saying to all of you 
that are receiving this passage, I am thankful for all of 
you in terms of your friendship, kindness, love, and support.  
This message goes out to my family, friends, and loved ones.

Thank you all for listening; 
Or should I say reading?


Scot Albert Consultant/Hypnotist

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